if anyone has 2 tickets to the twenty one pilots show at the hollywood palladium on october 8th, can you please contact me? tickets are sold out and i REALLY want to go without having to drop $70 on one ticket

if you can sell me tickets, i would be super grateful and i can draw you something or

idk we can figure something out but i really need tickets

hey so guys i’m still looking for tickets if you wanna help me out ok i love u


I’ll never phone it in. sometimes I can be sick, injured, homesick, heartbroken or frustrated. but playing these is my medicine + my therapy + my escape. being on stage with my best friend and in a room full of people who enjoy music like I do is unlike anything else. thanks for being a part of this together.  #tacos #kittens #internet
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there are only two things I’m certain of:
1. Tyler Joseph has the worlds most infectious smile.
2. Math is pointless and will get me nowhere and just make me cry.